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Krystal Klear Decorating

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Krystal Klear is constantly working to better our service to customers. We stay on top all the latest trends and development within the industry, making sure that our customers are provided with nothing but the most experienced and professional service.

Voted #1 in home interior and design

In 2010 Krystal Klear Decorating was rewarded with the "Best of" due to our commitment providing the Fort Wayne community with excellent decorating services. It's that sort of dedication that gives us pleasure in making sure our customers are happy.
Whether you are interested in Faux and Textured Finishes or Cabinet and Counter Refinishing, Krystal Klear Decorating will give your home the look you want at an affordable price!

  • From Krystal Klear Decorating

    How durable are your countertops?

    a. I use 2 different techniques. One is an epoxy finish which is very strong and durable similar to epoxy’s used on floors. The second finish is a faux effect plaster that dries hard like cement but looks and feels like a customized finish.

  • From Evans Toyota

    How often should I change my oil?

    Conventional oil changes are typically due at 5,000 miles, while full synthetic oil changes can last up to 10,000 miles or as recommended in your vehicles owners manual. Be sure to check your oil level occasionally between oil changes to ensure adequate oil level. As your oil gets put to the stress of heat, cold, and use, the lubricating properties breaks down. The oil will not be able to lubricate the engine components correctly, which causes premature engine wear and irreversible engine damage. Even oil that just sits in the engine coagulates and loses its lubricating ability.

  • From Krystal Klear Decorating

    Do the cabinets have to be white?

    a. No, I can use metallics, distress, glaze and also add embossing (which is a design directly on the cabinet). I can help customize colors and designs based on your tastes and décor.

  • From Achieve Physical Therapy

    What type of insurance do you take?

    We are in a network with most insurances. Feel free to contact us before your visit so that we may call your insurance company to verify your benefit information and get that info before we even get started. This information will be conveyed in writing up front to avoid any confusion.

  • From Achieve Physical Therapy

    How do I get started with physical therapy?

    Call us to set an appointment with one of our experienced therapist. 260-489-9533. Or if you have script from your physician.