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b. mitchel fine jewelry

The difference between a jewelry store and a jeweler is that jewelry stores simply sell jewelry. Jewelers manufacture. Jewelry stores don't have the skill set to manufacture so they send out their work. b. mitchel fine jewelry has the skill set to manufacture.

  • From b. mitchel fine jewelry

    Who will work on my project?

    Our team has a combined total of 130 years experience in the jewelry manufacturing business. You will talk and work with the ones who make your piece.

  • From Krystal Klear Decorating

    Do you have samples?

    a. Yes, I do provide samples. Also, If a client chooses a specialty technique, I can create a sample cabinet.

  • From Happy Tails Pet Grooming and Boarding

    How much does your pet grooming cost?

    Our grooming costs depend on the breed and condition of the dog. Call 637-0798 for an estimate or click here.

  • From Pine Hills Learning Place

    What are your hours?

    We are open Monday through Friday 6am - 6pm.

  • From Achieve Physical Therapy

    Why outpatient physical therapy?

    The goal of outpatient physical therapy is the recovery of mobility and strength so you can return to work and the things you love. Each therapy session will usually include some hands-on manual therapy, posture training, exercise intervention, and injury prevention techniques. Outpatient physical therapy is a very effective way to learn about your condition, recover the use of the effected body part, and leave empowered with the knowledge & techniques necessary to avoid future injury.