In Your Corner

  • In Your Corner: Simplify Your Finances

    Friday, Jan 6 at 10:32 AM

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) Many financial experts say the beginning of the year is the perfect time to simplify your finances. In Your Corner has guidelines for how long you should keep records and how you can stop some unsolicited offers for good.

  • Chozen Few Sings To INC Anchors

  • In Your Corner: Missing Social Security Check

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's NewsCenter) - A Fort Wayne family found overpayments on Social Security checks to be a much more difficult problem to fix than they expected. Ryan Elijah takes a look at a problem that has lingered for nearly two years.

  • In Your Corner: Lowe's Comes to the Aid of the Shepherd's House and Homeless Veterans

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) - Over the past two years, in your corner has focused on a few groups working to get homeless veterans off the streets.

  • In Your Corner: Could Wells County Sewer Dispute Happen Anywhere?

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A twelve year sewer dispute in Wells County has some residents fighting for their homes and warning other Hoosiers that the same thing could happen to them.

  • In Your Corner: In Search Of A Donor

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A young Fort Wayne woman already battling Leukemia is now on a mission to raise awareness for a national donor registry.

  • In Your Corner: Are Indiana's Moped Laws Falling Behind?

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's NewsCenter) - Some question if DUI offenders are using mopeds to skirt Indiana law after losing their license. Ryan Elijah takes a look at what the Hoosier state's law says and how it compares to other states.

  • In Your Corner: Keeping Predators Off Facebook

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter)-- Does a convicted sex offender have the same access to social media sites as you do? In Your Corner shows how to search for predators on the sites and takes a look at what laws are in place to protect children.

  • In Your Corner: Trach Patient's Fight Goes National

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) An INC story a year ago helped a local woman become the face for a national campaign to change how patients can use Medicaid benefits.

  • In Your Corner: Fake WiFi Hotspots

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) As public WiFi hotspots continue to increase, cyber criminals are also finding more opportunites. In Your Corner shows why you need to be careful of fake WiFi connections.