National News

  • Iraq Vets Disheartened by Insurgency Presence

    As the US considers new military action in Iraq to combat growing insurgency in the region, veterans from the war in Iraq express concern that their work in the country was for nothing.

  • Man Waiting for Flight Shoots Epic Celine Dion Music Video

    A Canadian man who was bumped off the last flight home spent the night in the Las Vegas airport and kept himself entertained by shooting a music video on his iPhone.

  • Habits That Age You

    We all long to look and feel young, but we all have our quirks; and when it comes to our bodies, there are a few habits you may be doing that could age you! Krystin Goodwin has tips on what to avoid to stay young and healthy.

  • Today in History for June 12th

     Highlights of this day in history: President Ronald Reagan demands the tearing down of the Berlin Wall; Civil rights activist Medgar Evers killed; O.

  • Detour Lets Baby Toads Cross the Road in Philly

    With the help of a detour set up along a busy street in Philadelphia, thousands of toadlets now have a much better chance of surviving the journey to their natural habitat.

  • Experiment Grows New Muscle in Injured Legs

    An experimental implant using part of a pig bladder, along with regular physical therapy, coaxed new muscle tissue to grow in old, debilitating leg injuries.

  • Filling Chicago Potholes With Art

     It started last year with one stubborn pothole in front of the Chicago home of mosaic artist Jim Bachor. As a joke, he filled it with one of his creations.

  • Terrifying Ride in Chile Elevator

    Security footage released by Chilean police shows a man frantically pushing the buttons of an out-of-control elevator in Santiago as it shoots up 31 floors and slams into the ceiling of the building.

  • FDA: Pregnant Women Should Eat Low-mercury Fish

    The FDA and EPA are advising pregnant and breastfeeding women to eat low-mercury seafood, but are not requiring package labeling.

  • Today in History for June 10th

     Highlights of this day in history: The Six-Day War ends in the Mideast; Yugoslav troops leave Kosovo after NATO's campaign of airstrikes; Alcoholics Anonymous founded; Actress and singer Judy Garland born; Singer Ray Charles dies.