National News

  • New SpaceX Spacecraft Unveiled

    SpaceX CEO Elon Musk unveiled his company's new Dragon V2 spacecraft, which is designed to bring up to seven astronauts into space and land softly and accurately back on earth.

  • NJ Students Charged with Counterfeiting

    Five high school students in Northern New Jersey are facing charges for allegedly using a printer to reproduce $20 bills, and then spending the bills at local businesses.

  • Anonymous Donor Leaving Money around San Francisco

    An anonymous person, who goes by the handle @HiddenCash on Twitter, is leaving sums of money around the San Francisco area saying it's a social experiment aimed at 'paying it forward.

  • Fans Remember the Work of Maya Angelou

     People outside of Strand Bookstore in New York City talk about the influence and impact Maya Angelou had. The renowned poet died at 86-years-old.

  • Officer Praised for Helping Ducks Cross the Street

     A police officer from Eau Claire, Wisconsin is an Internet hero after dashcam video posted on YouTube shows him stopping traffic so a family of ducks can cross the street safely.

  • California fails to adequately track water use

    Amid historic drought, California water managers are relying on a flawed system to track largest water users. That means thousands of companies, farms and others are allowed to draw free water with little oversight when the state is so bone dry.

  • Malaysia Releases Flight MH370 Satellite Data

     The Malaysian government on Tuesday released 45 pages of raw satellite data it used to determine the flight path of the missing jetliner, information long sought by relatives of some of the 239 people on board.

  • The changing face of the NYC skyline

    New York City's far west side along the Hudson River is in the midst of a transformation. Shedding its industrial past for shiny new skyscrapers that will not only reshape the skyline and but some say New York's future.

  • Darth Vader Runs for Kiev Mayor

    It's a "space race" like no other. Darth Vader hit the campaign trail in Ukrainian capital Kiev this week in a last-minute push for votes in his bid to become the city's mayor.

  • U.S. man survives fall in Nepal cravasse

    An American climber from Kentucky who fell into a crevasse on a Himalayan mountain in Nepal managed to crawl out of the hole with five broken ribs and a broken arm before being rescued, documenting it all on video along the way.